Fare Soldi presents ITALIANS DID IT BETTER


My word this is an exceptional collection of absolute Italian disco pop gold, circa. 78-86.  I know none of these but it doesn’t matter a jot as this is quite sensational.  Think Eurovision meets Nile Rodgers and you are halfway there.

Fare Soldi have given us some great originals and remixes recently and this collection is pure class.

Track List

1) Alan Sorrenti “Love Fever” (1979)
2) Pino Daniele “A me me piace ‘o blues” (1980)
3) La Bionda “Bandido” (1979)
4) Antonello Venditti “Stukas” (1982)
5) Pooh “Io sono vivo” (1979)
6) Stadio feat. Lucio Dalla “Lunedì cinema” (1986)
7) Vasco Rossi “Splendida giornata (instrumental)” (1982)
8) Tony Esposito “Pagaia” (1982)
9) Loredana Bertè “Prima o poi” (1980)
10) Piero Piccioni “In viaggio con papà” (1982)
11) I Gatti di Vicolo Miracoli “Discogatto” (1979)
12) Heather Parisi “Disco bambina” (1979)
13) Franco Califano “Balla ba” (1977)
14) Lucio Battisti “Una donna per amico” (1978)
15) Lucio Dalla “L’ultima luna” (1979)

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