Florence + The Machine – What The Water Gave Me

Wow folks, this track is mighty!!!  I had the pleasure to stream the new track from Florence + The Machine yesterday and ‘What The Water Gave Me’ is a sonic masterpiece.

It’s always easy for blogs, reviewers, and newspaper writers to stick the knife in on tracks by artists who have a weight of the world on their shoulders…Coldplay’s X&Y anyone?  This track is a slow burning track, building up to a crescendo of quality and I’ll also say this, it’s not your traditional pressure filled follow up track to greatness either….it’s even better!!

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too fussed in the furore that a new track was coming out by Florence + The Machine but after listening to this just once (initially of course) I cannot get enough of it.

I’ve heard rumours that this track isn’t even going to feature on the next album.  True?  Who knows.  If it ends up being a sound byte sandwich filler between album 1 and 2, I’ll gladly take it to satisfy this hunger that has now developed for more of the machine.

Whilst you are here, listen to the track and also get yourself immersed into this cheeky remix by Soonic that I’ve found.  It’s pretty good I can tell you!!!


Florence + The Machine – What The Water Gave Me Link

What The Water Gave Me (Soonic Remix) by djsoonic

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