Florrie – Experiments EP

Florrie has just released her Experiments EP which is packed with 6 quality new tracks. This EP is a follow up to the Introduction EP which came out late last year and her musical talents are going from strength to strength.

The Experiments EP features the following:

  1. Speed of Light
  2. Experimenting with Rugs
  3. What You Doing This For?
  4. I Took A Little Something
  5. Begging Me
  6. She Always Gets What She Wants

In a time when we’re all destined to be very tired of all things Lady Gaga very soon, Florrie is a complete breath of fresh air and she is destined for great things with this EP creeping up the iTunes charts worldwide this week and will hopefully mean Florrie has lift off.

If you have been on her website, you can listen to and download her first Introductions EP with the fantastic Call 911 track amongst the many other tracks.

Make sure you go out and buy all things Florrie and get the official releases to make sure she is on a rocket to the stars.

In the meantime, check out the ‘promo version only’ dance package of I Took A Little Something which Florrie has put out on Soundcloud below which is destined to be an absolute smash. God bless Fred Falke too as he has been a guiding light with the remixes he has been putting out there of her work.

Florrie – I Took A Little Something (Dance Package) by Florrie

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