Gin Wigmore – Madness (Muse Cover)

This is a two pronged blog attack.  Firstly, if you haven’t seen Gin Wigmore live you are missing out.  We’e had the pleasure of catching her a couple of times live and she is damn special.  Secondly, the new track ‘Man Like That’ would appear to have taken the good Gin Wigmore loving folk in finally.  However, we really want to draw your attention to some of her earlier amazing work.

Listen to all of the tracks below and you’ll understand why this New Zealand property (yes NZ..not AUS) should be going off like a fire cracker.  Maybe she can do the Kiwi trifecta of NZ nominees for ARIA’s by 2013.

Ironically, it will probably be the Muse cover that takes things up another level…rather than the recent 007 Skyfall campaign on Man Like That.  Either way it is all eargold!!

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Gin Wigmore-Hallelujah


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