Gold Fields – Dark Again (Penguin Prison /// No Ceremony Remixes)


Hang about?  Penguin Prison and No Ceremony both drop mighty remixes of one of Australia’s most up and coming bands Gold Fields and there is no crazy online fanfare for what audio joy we have to behold.  Well then, we will have to start the bonfire ourselves won’t we?  Too right!

Two completely different book ends of remixes here but both are exceptional.  Keeping the class of the original track ‘Dark Again’ but adding some extra audio flavour to the mix.

Penguin Prison adds some tasty funk to the mix and No Ceremony (NOC ///) strip it back a little to give you a Depeche Mode’esque haunting rework in their trademark style.

It would be rude of us to not mention that there are also some quality remixes from Diamond Rings and also from Grouplove & Captain Cuts.  We’re huge fans of Penguin Prison and NOC ///, hence the priority given to their mixes.  However, these two will also float your boat and depending on your taste, you might find them even better.  Either way, it’s a quality remix package that Gold Fields have on show here.  Thumbs up to all!


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