I Used To Love You – RVG

Love. Change. Transience. RVG succinctly sum it all with their new single – and do it so brilliantly!

Sometimes a song will hit you with the urgency of a Melbourne tram – seemingly harmless at the start, but then knocking you off your tracks, where you will never be the same again. ‘I Used To Love You’ initially sounds like a conventional rock song, but then slowly builds into an emotional crescendo – pondering love, change, insecurity and the transience of life – the feeling of moving away from the one you love – moving away from emotional dependence – but are you really moving away to feel emancipation, or is it just a fantasy? A song that you will play again and again and again. RVG are one of Australia’s most exciting bands – their second album Feral to be released on April 24. And we can’t wait!

Website: https://www.rvgband.com

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