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It’s always interesting when you hear artists take well known tracks and add their extra sparkle to it.  The artist in question is Jaiden ‘The Cure’ with his reworking of Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’ under his track ‘Illusion’.I’d easily file this track next to Frank Ocean’s ‘Strawberry Swing’.  Awesome original tracks with a great tinkering to make it their own.

Not only is Jaiden an amazing vocalist with a great vocal range, he’s an impressive songwriter, pianist, producer and captivating live performer. Dubbed ‘The Cure’ after performing for Quincy Jones at his Bel-Air estate, Jaiden has already established himself through working with industry heavyweights.

If you take a look at his resume of vocal talents, he has already toured with and/or performed on albums with Lauryn Hill, Alicia keys, John Legend,  Diddy, Jay Z and Estelle.  Not a bad list eh?  Yes indeed.

With the release of his first mixed tape THE CURE SUITE 1, Jaiden has broadened his fan base and become a blog and youtube favorite, and also being featured on BET as a Music Matters Artist.

Get yours ears into his track ‘Illusion’ and apply some volume.



Follow – www.twitter.com/Jaidenthecure
Watch – www.ustream.tv/channel/cureme-tv
Listen – www.myspace.com/jaideniii

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