Jhameel – Bernal Heights

The world is spinning faster towards artists like Frankmusik, Penguin Prison, Hurts and all things well written again.  Well, I think so anyway.  Point in question is this corker of a track ‘Bernal Heights’ by Jhameel, taken from their 2nd album ‘The Human Condition’.

There’s a bit of Darren Hayes going on in this track (definitely in a good way) and the vocal charms of Jhameel are working a treat on this song.

Check out all things Jhameel at their website www.jhameel.com where you can either download the album ‘Radiohead’ style for free or pay a donation to the artist of how much you want to pay for it.  It’s a great concept by an artist to be this forward thinking and I hope that those interested in Jhameel and all their work will click on the ‘Donate’ option via their store rather than diving straight into the free option.

If you pay for it, then they’ll have funds to crack out some more classic tracks like this one.

Give the track below a listen and get on their website to get their full album (via Donation of course):


Bernal Heights by jhameel

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