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If you’ve been a frequent visitor to our site, you’ll have seen the fine artist Jhameel gracing these pages with his awesome tracks.  The ‘Waves’ EP has washed up on our shores and it’s blue heaven!!!

In the last couple of weeks we’ve had his tracks ‘White Lie’ and ‘Waves’ permanently streaming from our sidebar as Jhameel has brought out each track week by week.

If you go back a further a couple of months ago you’ll have heard his track ‘Bernal Heights’ here too (still on our iPod playlist at Your Music Radar), which features on his long player ‘The Human Condition’ – check it out here

 This all leads us to his fine track ‘Waves’.  If you haven’t heard this track yet, do so pronto as it’s joy to the ears.  If you have listened to it, we recommend you check out his other mighty track ‘White Lie’ that also features on the Waves EP as that track is as catchy as catchy gets.

If you’re familiar with his more recent tunes, then you’ve got another option….check out his damn fine LP ‘The Human Condition’  check it out here as we reckon there’s more Jhameel going to be hitting the top #10 on Hype Machine and beyond before you know it and you’ll have the joy of saying you got into his fine tunes first!!!

Check out his tracks below and all things Jhameel at his website here:


Waves by jhameel


Waves by jhameel

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