John Martin – Just Drive/Pray (Robin Rocks & Rubio Bootleg)

Robin Rocks and Rubio have produced a bootleg remix of John Martin’s track ‘Just Drive’ and it’s a simply stunning affair folks.

Sometimes when you get your hands on a bootleg mix it can be either a rocky road or smooth sailing, and we can definitely tell you that it is the latter.

Robin Rocks and Rubin are swedish songwriters and producers and their debut single ‘Rush’ is set to be released the 16th November, on TopDJ Records (founded by Alex Sayz).  Watch out for these guys!!!

If you know what’s good for you, you will immerse yourself in ‘Just Drive/Pray’ as this is an awesome bootleg of a mix.

Check out their mix below and also you can get your hands on the original on youtube below too:


John Martin – Just Drive/Pray (Robin Rocks & Rubio Bootleg) by RobinRocks


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