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Former Little Birdy front woman Katy Steele drops her first track from her forthcoming EP and album which she has been writing and recording in New York for the last couple of years.

Well.  If the new track ‘Fire Me Up’ is anything to go by, the new collection of tracks that her solo project has produced is going to be quite special.  Katy Steele has one of the most unique singing voices in Australia, if not the globe and it is great to hear a track that is as powerful has her pipes are.

This rebirth has been most exciting because I’ve been able to fully realize a new sound and a new musical way forward. Being in control of the production and all aspects of my career has opened amazing doors for me.

As a fan, whilst it was sad that the Little Birdy chapter of her career ended, if the clarity of tracks like this have come out of that 2 year writing period in New York, then that is completely fine with us.  How many times have you seen an artist go solo and never quite hit the quality of song writing and tracks that they had in their former band days?  Well, one listen to this solo effort ‘Fire Me Up’ will tell you that it is going to be a far different story for Katy Steele.  The future looks good.

Get your streaming and download fix of her new track below and keep your eye out for the new EP and Album due out soon.




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