Lancelot – You’ll Never Be Mine / The Way I Feel About You EP


Dark house beats ahoy that are tasty tasty tasty!!! Lancelot drops an EP featuring the tracks ‘You’ll Never Be Mine’ and ‘The Way I Feel About You’.  Audio joy that has dropped at a perfect time when these kind of beats are exploding right now.

Disclosure’s new album plus Maya Jane Coles new album coming out very soon are just gonna pave the way for artists like Lancelot to spring into step and be absorbed by the masses.

Double eargold time folks!  Plus it is a double download too!  Oh house heaven!

I’ve always been drawn to music expressing emotion, a message, a musical gesture.
One coloured in rich textures, great full arrangements that somehow still seem to have space in the mix. Real musicians playing real instruments (not laptops) through chunky, analogue hardware in expensive studios. Only the very best would have a chance to present their work to the masses on stage or on wax.

I think a lot of house and disco producers today are looking back in time to find inspiration, when the groove drove a song – humans with instruments drove the song. Not white-noise and a laptop accompanied by two Co2 cannons. Music with soul, music with honesty. Music that invites you in and holds on forever.

Lancelot.  You’re definitely the finest!


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Bonus track time.  Remember when we posted Lancelot’s remix of Matt Corby’s track ‘Brother’, well here it is just in case you have forgotten this mix of gold.

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