Leon Bridges Live at Triple R, Melbourne


Leon Bridges is in Melbourne this week to play two sold out shows and added a special intimate 30 minute live set for Melbourne’s Triple R.  We were lucky enough to be one of the few along for this treat for the ears and it was sensational!



We’ve been doing the music site/blogger thing now for nearly five years and it has to be said that every gig or invite that we go to is always treated as a privilege rather than a ‘freebie’.  Today, seeing the rising artist Leon Bridges in very intimate surroundings was outstanding.  Whilst we are only a few days into 2016, we can guarantee that this will be one of our highlights of the year when we look back on it when the year comes to a close.

If you are not familiar with Leon Bridges, the easiest comparison to whet your appetite for this man is he embodies the sound of Sam Cooke and Percy Sledge and if I didn’t know better, I’d think he was a time traveller from the 50s brought to us to soothe us all with his soulful sounds.  When you listen to his tracks on Spotify, they sound so crisp that you almost wish that you were listening to them on crackled vinyl that had been weathered the over last 60 years.  His voice is straight out of the 50s and you’d be hard pushed to find another artist as unique as he is at the moment.  With the world of EDM on the rise and fall, Leon Bridges could be here to save the day.




It is fair to say that we simply won’t get another shot at seeing Leon Bridges in a small environment like we did today.  That’s not a bad thing though as he deserves to be on a rapidly rising trajectory.


Listen to Coming Home









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