Lissie – Don’t You Give Up On Me

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Lissie’s new album My Wild West is out Feb 12 2016 and if the new single ‘Don’t You Give Up On Me’ is anything to go by, we seriously in for a treat for the ears.

Of the many artists we’ve featured on YMR in the last five years, Lissie would have to be up there as one of the most underrated artists that there is at the moment and it constantly puzzles me why she is not a global superstar.  Maybe 2016 is the time for her to truly shine. I hope so.

California and the West Coast weren’t problematic and I certainly didn’t struggle. Like any life phase, they had their ups & downs, beautiful and challenging moments. Rather, I felt empowered that I could leave and get out, take off, demand a new adventure from life!

The song is a plea to God or to a person or to whomever to hang in there with me while I figure it out!  There’s a line in the song ‘I left you on the coast for something only I can see’ and that’s just it. I have a personal vision and it may be hard for others to understand at times but I have to follow it!








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