London Grammar – Hey Now (Hanami Bootleg)

London Grammar

Yes, I know we’ve already posted a track from London Grammar today but this remix of ‘Hey Now’ is exquisitely exquisite and we can’t not post it.  Put it this way, I’ve had this on repeat for about 30 minutes now and I’m still addicted.

The remix of the track ‘Hey Now’ reminds me of a cross between The Police’s tracks ‘Tea In The Sahara’ and ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger’.  It has the chilled back listen in the darkness edge of these tracks that takes me back to the album Synchronicity.   This Hanami Bootleg remix also gives it a Tangerine Dream ‘Love On A Real Train’ vibe too, plus there’s also a bit of The Cure’s ‘Lovesong’ under the skin too.

The only criticism with this remix is that it is just too short.  I suppose I’ll just have to press play again.   First world problems and all that…

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