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Checking out the new track ‘Team’ on YouTube by Lorde is worth if it for more reasons than just the fact it is audio dynamite. If you click on the YouTube link to the video below, you’ll see many a person slaying it out in the comments from those with both good and bad geographic talents.

Yes, Lorde is from New Zealand. No, New Zealand is not connected by land to Australia. No, it is not a state of Australia. It is a completely separate country. Although, when the ARIA’s come around, I’m sure Australia will try to adopt Lorde in a similar way to Ladyhawke and Kimbra for a gong or two.

Some of the best quotes on YouTube include:

People who aren’t from NewZealand: NZ is apart of Australia right? Us: Are you f*cking serious?

It’s not even connected to Australia… It’s like a three hour flight to cross over to Aussie

New Zealand is its own country.

No it’s not, it’s a state in Australia, just like New South Wales?

New Zealand is it’s own country !!!! I live in New Zealand !!

Love it!

Check out the track below and dig into the comments here at LordeMusic on YouTube





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