Madonna Superbowl vs. Kylie Minogue Live Performances

Just a bit of an observation here of Madonna’s Superbowl performance.  With all the talk of late that Lady Gaga has been ripping off Madonna with her tracks and stageshow persona, we find it quite interesting that Madonna’s performance at the Superbowl reminded us of a chunk of Australia’s Kylie Minogue’s recent live shows.  In particular the Aphrodite section and the cheerleader section of Kylie’s gigs.

You can make up your own mind whether Madonna has embodied Kylie’s stage show or not.  If you search Madonna and Kylie on twitter and online there’s a fair few tweets/postings flying around implying that it was in fact a bit of a Kylie ‘Live’ impersonation.  It’s fair to say that there are some similarities…..although Kylie sang live (no lip syncing).  Obviously Kylie and Madonna both took their inspirations from historical figures Aphrodite and Cleopatra.

It’s all a bit sad really.  It’s all entertainment too, so as long as peeps enjoyed it, that’s what matters right?  We just thought that any folks out there not familiar with Kylie should know about her stuff too.  Maybe it’s all a big coincidence.  Either way, we are certainly no Madonna haters as we’re looking forward to her new tracks and hope (with all fingers and toes crossed) that the new stuff is closer to some of her better work and not near the bottom end of the scale.

Do you think the track and performances are similar?

Click on the projection video below to listen to the Kylie’s ‘Heart Beat Rock’ track live and see if you can make out anything that sounds like Madonna’s new song?

Feel free to comment below if you like.  It would be interesting to get readers thoughts on this one.

Is it really another year until the next Superbowl?  Boo!!!







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8 thoughts on “Madonna Superbowl vs. Kylie Minogue Live Performances

  1. This isn’t the first time Madonna has “referenced” Kylie.

    On the Confessions tour, Madonna inserted Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” in the middle of another song. (Some people said it was the highlight of the show.) Kylie did the same thing five years earlier on her Fever tour.


    On the Showgirl Homecoming tour, Kylie did a mash-up of “Vogue” with another song, with the backing dancers in black wigs, lingerie, and corsetry. Two years later, Madonna did the same thing. (Seriously, look at the costumes.)

  2. Such a shame on madonna to steal the work ideas of other artist so blatantly, sha makes it her own and goes on her hoping going unnoticed, a queen makes real works genuine songs not stolen from others, she is particularly obsessed with pop Princess Kylie is the queen of pop.

  3. I noticed the heartbeat rock/WOW thing in her video. ‘s ok though. They all reference each other.

  4. um…love Kylie as well – but William Baker has been ripping off Madge for years and years. e.g the leather male horses pictured above pulling Kylies chariot – are copied almost exactly from the opening of Madonna’s Confession’s Tour in 2006 etc etc etc but I suppose it all goes around…Madge vs Kyles vs Gaga – and sadly the ones getting ripped off are probably the drags / alternative communities from around the world –

  5. Sorry, but that Kylie performance of “i believe in you” is a direct rip off of the opening of Madonna’;s Confesion’s Tour opening with the horses and whipping stuff. You’ve just proven that Kylie Rips off Madonna, not the other way around.

  6. The guys dressed as slave/ponies come from one of Anne Rice’s erotic “Beauty” series of books (she wrote under a pseudonym). I am sure Madge has read those books, because they were very “in” back in the 80’s and early 90’s.

  7. What’s the problem? Madge has admitted to being a Kylie fan for years, even wearing a ‘Kylie’ T-shirt in public. Kylie confesses to having Madge as one of her early roll models. What I do find very queer is that Kylie’s voice has improved with age but her face work makes her look more like Madge with every lift.
    Either way Madge can’t hold a candle to Kylie when it comes to working an audience.
    Both often have their talent drowned with overworked productions.

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