Mariah Carey & Miguel – #Beautiful

Mariah Miguel #Beautiful

We didn’t post this one up back when it dropped online a week ago but there was a fair bit of online fanfare to it.  Not sure if people are going to it for Mariah Carey or Miguel but it can’t damage Miguel’s chances of going global can it?

This is actually a bloody good track and damn catchy.  Perfect vocal fodder for the silky duet tones of Mariah & Miguel.  Interestingly on Spotify this doesn’t look like it’s getting rated highly yet for plays but I’m sure that it will in time.

The interesting thing with this track, similar to Alicia Keys and other big stars, they are all using Soundcloud now to drop their tracks in advance to gain a bit of online momentum before the tracks drop officially.  It’s image used for the track is a bit dodgy though.

In the meantime, get your fix of this track below:

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


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