Mr. Kurtz – Lynguibricks

If you love an artist that spits out rhymes, you are going to love Mr. Kurtz and his track ‘Lynguibricks’.

The looped strings and backing track on this one are bl**dy catchy to the point it gets under your skin in a big way.

Mr. Kurtz has some travels under his belt from an early age and we reckon it shines through in his tune and writing skills.  He was born in Jerusalem, Israel and then moved to DC for eight years.  He later moved to Paris for the next twelve years and then studied in the UK.  Later he  moved to Madrid for an exchange program…that’s a lot of travelling experience to get under your belt to pump into your tracks.

Watch this space for future tunes, but in the meantime check out this great track below:

Lynguibricks by liybam1

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