No Ceremony – Hurtlove

Hurtlove by No Ceremony is a stunning track.  The simple 3 key change loop of piano interlaced with haunting vocals and echoing drum beats works perfectly.  We first heard this yesterday and it’s one of those tracks that is the perfect length where you just keep hitting play…and play….and play again.

No Ceremony are currently offering this track for free to download with the haunting light filled video here (or check it out on our sidebar).    They’ve managed to capture the haunting sound of the track as moving images too, which can be a bit of a rarity.

Also, if there are any budding remixers out there who can work some additional magic.  Check out the stems download option.  In fact, if you are reading this and think you can do a great mix with the stems on this track, download them, do your mix and send it through.  If it’s worth a feature we’ll put it up.  In fact, this is the sort of track that would get an awesome remix out there and people would then pick up on No Ceremony.  Deservedly so too.

I’d like to see the video of this projected on the side of a building somewhere with the track blaring loudly.  It would be quite something.  We’re looking forward to seeing what else No Ceremony bring out soon.  Watch this space.

Listen to the track below and you’ll find that the song is quite something too.



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