Oliver Tank – Dreams EP on Vinyl

We love Oliver Tank here at Your Music Radar and we are excited for all that this artist has to offer going into 2012 and beyond.  If you are fan too, Oliver is trying to get his EP out on vinyl but needs some help to do this.

Oliver has set up a Pozible Campaign to help fund the costs of producing the EP on vinyl.  It works out that it costs $2,500 to put in a minimum order of 300 12″ records.  We think that Oliver Tank is destined to be filling the shoes of fellow Australian Gotye in a few years time and to get him on that path we reckon that you should pre-order a copy of Oliver Tank’s EP to help him out and get yourself a little golden nugget.

So…if you want to get yourself on Oliver Tank’s Pozible page here to make a pledge, check it out!!  As at the time of writing, he’s only a short distance away from his goal of at least one batch of vinyl but if you get onto his page, you’ll see that there are some added bonuses to pledging to his fund..including exclusive tracks and a whole lot more.

If you missed out on an earlier post that we put up on Oliver’s EP, you should definitely check it out too as this EP is one of the best of the year for 2011.  If vinyl isn’t your bag, then get yourself onto iTunes here and give this guy some of your hard earned cash for a digital download. $10 of your money well spent we say!!!

Oliver is ‘rumoured’ to be playing Melbourne on Friday 20th January at the Worker’s Club (confirmed by Oliver when we contacted him but it’s not listed for sale yet).

Check out all things Oliver Tank here and below including a live performance:


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