Perez Hilton’s Pop Up! #1 Music Compilation

Perez Hilton and Opus Label have joined forces to release Perez Hilton’s ‘Pop Up! #1.  This is the first compilation from the new Perez Hilton music series which has just been released . The album showcases 18 of Perez’s favorite and must-know artists and will be available on iTunes, in stores and through an innovative, specially-branded T-shirt campaign.

So we can see you’re wondering why we’re posting up a Perez Hilton related post…right?

Well, after we attended Perez Hilton’s One Night in Austin show at SXSW this year, we were very surprised to see that Perez is actually a man after our own heart and is backer of putting up and coming artists on the map and sticking his neck out a little to do so.  We reckon Perez gets a bad rap for some of the gossip type stuff, but you know what, he’s definitely all about trying to get new artists into the lime light. That’s good right???

So…here’s a new album compilation featuring some of those artists that he wants to give a push, including ones we’ve been trying to give a push too, including the quite fabulous New Zealand artist Zowie who we’ve been backing for a while now.  Plus, the group Hi-Fashion and Vampire Diaries artist Kat Graham who are also quality and a half!!!

Music is my passion and I consider it not just an opportunity but, also a responsibility to share great new tunes with my readers!  Through this, my first ever compilation, I now have a new vehicle to support artists and share their music in a meaningful way with the whole world! And, hopefully, I can also inspire people to get in shape!

Having lost 80 lbs naturally, I know how important good music is to stay motivated. With Pop Up, I wanted to compile a collection of songs that would be perfect for my gym mix. And yours! Plus, you can substitute the word ‘party’ for ‘gym’ and have a great time jamming to these songs with your friends! These are the songs YOU need to know!!! Be in the know!”

Track listing:

  1. Zero Gravity by Kerli
  2. Jetset by Fedez
  3. Safe and Sound (DiscoTech Remix) by Capital Cities
  4. Daddy Cool by Jesse Marco
  5. Drumroll by VanJess
  6. Put Your Graffiti On Me by Kat Graham
  7. Synthesizer by The Cataracs
  8. Diddy Dum by My Name Is Kay
  9. Pop Pop Bang Bang by Chantal Claret
  10. Amazing! by Hi Fashion
  11. City Boy by Donkeyboy
  12. I Never Had by Breedlove & Chew Fu
  13. Yo Vogue by French Fries
  14. My Calculator by Zowie
  15. Vacation by Alphabeat
  16. Vegas (Rami Afuni Radio Edit) by Vandalism & Static Revenger
  17. Disco Sun by Pascal & Pearce Feat. Juliet Harding
  18. Take Me Over (Bingo Players Remix) by Manufactured Superstars feat. Scarlett Quinn

You can get your audio purchase fix of this quality compilation on iTunes here.

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