Prime Cuts From The Cloud

With the holiday period just behind us, we’ve had a butcher’s delight of meaty treats of the audio variety come our way that we’d like to share with you.

Rather than letting you wade ear deep into a mammoth amount of tune posts, we thought it would be a little wiser and more convenient if you could have a collage of fine tunes in one handy post.

In this first of many platters to come of great tracks throughout the year, we are serving up some soundcloud morsels from Spacebats, Smoke & Mirrors, Kiely Rich, Hujje, TeeTs, Wait What, Janksta, Control Freaks, FixynDJ OHSO, Redanda, GSR, Follow Me, Crème Prulée and Talk In Code.

Bon appetit!!!….or chow down on these chooons!!!


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Founder of YMR and has been trying to make a difference for unsigned, up and coming artists and all things great in music since 2011.

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