Project 46 – Iceberg (Unoriginal* Mix)

Project 46 are hot hot hot at the moment!!! So hot in fact, their volcanic mixing talents have brought us a brand new track!!!

Check out their story below on the tracks origins!!!


So we actually started this melody for fun, our good friend who introduced us “Toby Komokazi” begged us to finish it. So we did as a Christmas present for him! Sent it to our Manager and he loved it! He ended up sending it to all the massive labels. 50% wanted to sign it and about 50% saying “Reminds me of Levels”

High profile vocalists are lined up to write a top line for it. If you did not know this, One member has known Tim (AVICII) personally for over 2 years and considers him a friend. Both members of Project 46 consider AVICII an inspiration!

So long story short, we are not going to release a track with a massive label. (Even if thats our dream) if it means wrecking a friendship or piggybacking a friends success.

We thought the best thing to do would be to give it away for FREE, so everyone can enjoy it.

Hope you love it!

It’s safe to say we wouldn’t be where we are today without the genius behind Levels!

Well, without waiting any longer, get stuck into this fresh track below and enjoy folks as it’s big and we hope that it is a massive launching pad for 2012 for Project 46!!!

Project 46 – Iceberg (Unoriginal* Mix) by Project 46

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7 thoughts on “Project 46 – Iceberg (Unoriginal* Mix)

  1. Similar, but better than Levels. more complex (in a good way) super-setting beats adds a background for musical half-steps. well done, keep pumpin em out and well keep tuning in

  2. Definitely feeling the Levels vibe, good call from them to give it away for free (I’m not complaining!).
    Reckon they could get away with an official release after a slight edit and pretending it’s a ‘re-imagining’ of Levels, hence giving some credit to Avicii that way? haha

  3. So…we made a cover of an exceedingly popular dance track and called it our own, but its cool cause “we know those Avicii dudes”. Sounds legit to me.

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