Rolling Stones at Glastonbury 2013: Complete Broadcast


We’ll keep this short and simple.  Here is the full stream of the Rolling Stones gig from Glastonbury 2013.  We were a bit cynical about whether this would be worth the watch or not but we can definitely say it’s a big one and it’s worth it just for the crowd singalong for each of the hits.

It’s quite mighty.  We only intended to post this up to let you know it was out to watch.  However, we found ourselves strangely addicted to watching just one more track and before we knew it we’d watched and enjoyed the entire set.

Now that you know it is on YouTube, get your HD swtiched on, flick on the surround kit and get your YouTube SmartTV app open and on this video.  It will be one of the best hours of your life, particularly if you wanted to catch them live on their tour but didn’t have the cash to stump up for the ticket fees.



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