Roxanne de Bastion – Red And White Blood Cells


Watch out folks! Here comes a one woman equivalent of The Wedding Present.  Listening to the new single from Roxanne de Bastion, we reckon we’ve got a female David Gedge on our hands here, with a twist of Billy Bragg for good melodic measure.

If you track back to her debut single ‘Buckle Up’ you’ll know it’s not a one off comparison.    It would be easy to compare to a female singer, such as Katie White from The Ting Tings but we’re going straight in for Gedge vs. Bragg.  Sounds like some sort of monster Japanese Godzilla movie…Gedge vs. Bragg!!

Make your mind up.  Either way, the new single is worth a listen and definitely worth your attention.  Big things cometh for RdB.




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