Sandcastles – Cable Ties

Bursting with energy and anger, Melbourne band Cable Ties will release their second album Far Enough in March, and if the track ‘Sandcastles’ is anything to judge, Far Enough will be brilliant.

‘Sandcastles’ is really an anthem for today. In a country that continually burns, where ecological systems are petering-out and smoke is choking our cities. The track moves and shakes, brimming and overflowing with anger, where it potentially provides commentary on the apathetic nature of politicians – people in power and in suspension, as they “tear each other down” – sounding like a cross between Romeo Void and X-Ray Spex, this song builds into a vitriolic crescendo, where the frustration in Jenny Mckekers’ voice is palpable.

Favourite track of the year so far!

Far Enough is to be released on March 27.



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