Set Mo – Nightmares feat. Scott Quinn

Set Mo

Set Mo have released their fire new single ‘Nightmares’ and the track comes out of the traps like a prize winning greyhound and doesn’t let up chasing the rabbit for the full duration.  This is quite excellent.

Written in London’s acclaimed Tileyard studios ‘Nightmares’ sees the duo venturing into tougher, darker territory, the grittier breakbeat indicating their subliminal influences from yesteryear. North England vocalist Scott Quinn lends his talents to the track, with his stunning vocals building and conforming with the impeccable production as the song builds in intensity.

We met Scott Quinn for the first time and immediately had a connection, he’s an amazing songwriter and lyricist not to mention his crazy good voice. We were playing around with the lyrical concept of anxiety as it seemed to fit with the deeper feel of the track, and is something that so many people can relate to.

The song then came together in a number of hours. It was one of those sessions when it all happened very quickly and naturally and the entire track was pretty much written that day which we always feel leads to the best ones.



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