Silverclub – No Application EP

Have you heard of Silverclub? Probably not, but you’ll find the brainchild of Manchester’s Duncan Edward Jones will soon be on the tip of your tongue and definitely embedded in your ears.

On first listen, we’re getting Reverend & The Makers meets Hard-Fi as a backing band with Beck upfront on vocals with a twist of electro in just for good measure….sound good? It definitely does to us!!!

Jones’ on stage line up includes members of Graham Massey’s “Sisters of Transistors” and Jim Noir’s live band, making the live realisation of Silverclub a very exciting proposition indeed.

The band are releasing the much anticipated ‘No Application’ EP this November. The title single is available as a free download through their website and the EP is available from boutique Canadian label “Hidden Pony Records”. The EP also includes what Duncan suspects is the only English language cover of Joachim Witt’s hit “Goldener Reiter”,a striking re-envisioning of the classic track with a stunningly beautiful chorus. The EP also features remixes from Mancunian mainstays “Countach” and “The Viceroy Suite”.

Check out the title track of the EP below and watch out for these guys!!!

Silverclub “No Application” by cpragency

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