Sounds From The Cloud: July 2012

Yes….we’re over mid way through the year already aren’t we and so far the music of 2012 has been rather tasty.  Whether you live in YMR land or potter around in your own little world, there is no denying that there’s been some good ‘well heard’ tracks and some great ‘unheard’ tracks.

Talking about untapped resources of the audio variety, again, the flood gates of tracks have continued to flow through that we think should be shared to all who are gracing this blog.

So that we can get all of the good stuff out to you (and believe you and me, there is definitely some good stuff to be heard), we’ve put together another ‘Best of ’ post with a whole host of eclectic tracks that should be listened to, selected from the many soundcloud links we’ve received.

As usual, if you’re an artist and/or band featured in this list, your track will be picked up by Hype Machine, Ex.Fm, Shuffler and We Are Hunted, so feel free to get clicking away to promote your tracks and share the love on those sites too.

Sit back and soak it up below and choose your weapons of choice (or collage of creation)!!!



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