Technasia – Heart Of Flesh EP

Technasia’s – Heart of Flesh EP is due out soon on Cadenza Records and it’s setting the airwaves on fire at the moment.  A big plus too is that it made it on Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune last Friday.  Nice work by Technasia indeed!!

The first track, ‘Heart of Flesh’, is an uptempo percussion-driven groove and features a spoken-word diva sample that Siegling manages to twist into delay heaven before throwing us off an almighty precipice. What follows is a late night, rolling tech house river that is impossible to escape. Like a torrent of white water beats, ‘Heart of Flesh’ pulls you under the surface with powerful undercurrents. Fans of tougher, more driving rhythms will appreciate the track is a gear above Cadenza’s usual cool cruising speed.
The second track ‘Octaval’ is less beat-centric and more musical. With a symphony of machine sounds combining into a song of sorts, the track is subtle and intelligent organic techno. With jovial notes that dance with a spring in their step, the pitter patter of downtrodden drums beneath leads us to a raw, futuristic tribal dance. Technasia throws in some indecipherable Spanish female vocals, which could easily have come from a sleazy Ibiza house cut circa 2001.
Final track ‘Michigan Ride’ hints at Motor City’s past with warm dissonant stabs and a melodic underbelly. The loop Technasia builds is trippy, but it never forgets its purpose. Slowly pushing the dancefloor along, inch-by-inch, the cut slices through the early morning haze like a warm knife through butter. Touching on Berlin’s new school dub techno sounds, Technasia also repeats intermittently, via a robotic vocal sample, the word “house”, its meaning lost beneath the layers of genreless beats.
You know what comes next…that’s right, click away below:

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