Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers’ Emotional Ballad – Never Saw It Coming

As I am writing this, I can safely say that I have had “Never Saw It Coming” on loop for about 30 minutes and it doesnt get tired. The songwriting, composition and structure of this song is damn near perfect. Its very McCartney’esqe and tugs on the strings of your heart like a George Martin produced track.

Canberra-based Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers are a formidable force in Australian punk rock. The quartet of Anna Ryan (vocals), Scarlett McKahey (guitar), Neve van Boxsel (drums) and Jaida Stephenson (bass) formed in 2015 and has since signed a record deal with Domestic La La Records.

Unlike the usual high-energy punk hits, their track “Never Saw It Coming” showcases the band’s versatility and emotional depth. Drummer Neve van Boxsel, who wrote the song, delivers a raw and fragile performance with soulful vocals and simple acoustic guitar. Poignant and heartbreaking, the song speaks volumes of resilience and hope with lines like “Seven years from now, I’ll be fine, Because that’s when my cells regenerate.”

This heartfelt ballad marks a significant shift in their musical journey, demonstrating their growth and evolution as a band. It’s a very powerful song that 100% delivers. Probably one of the most well written Australian songs of the decade so far. Absolutely beautiful.

There’s a reason they’ve just been plucked to support The Foo Fighters in Australia.

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