GHEIST – Marimba

GHEIST’s new track “Marimba” is a catchy tune and follows on nicely from the tracks like “We Are Not Alone” and “Frequent Tendencies.” It might start off a bit gentle but it quickly leads to the unique sound of the marimba. It’s one part pipes, and two parts tropical taste. Sounds like an audio cocktail to me.

“Marimba” is somewhat reminiscent of Swimming Paul’s “Fading.” However, while “Fading” feels like a cool evening, “Marimba” takes you to a warm, sunny afternoon. It also sounds similar to Fred Again’s “Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing),” but without the sad times we had during the COVID pandemic. It’s definitely an uplifting track that will take you higher with each listen.

Whether you’re familiar with GHEIST or here for a first listen, this is one to hit repeat on. Out on Songspire Records now.

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