Tuning in to The Aces’ New Album: I’ve Loved You For So Long

Have you been looking for that fresh sound to brighten up your playlist? Well, look no further. The Aces have released their new album, I’ve Loved You For So Long, and I tell you what, it’s going to get the internet humming to their tunes!

Straight out of Utah, this all-girl band has been making waves in the music scene with their distinct style that’s a killer blend of rock, pop, and a dash of indie vibes. With Cristal Ramirez on vocals and guitar, her sister Alisa on drums, Katie Henderson on lead guitar and vocals, and McKenna Petty on bass, The Aces are proof that magic happens when great talent and chemistry come together.

I’ve Loved You For So Long brings us eleven tracks of pure sonic joy. Right off the bat, the title track grabs you with an infectious energy that instantly reels you in. Its catchy hook, combined with the harmonies and addictive chorus, is a testament to The Aces’ talent and the potential that the rest of the album holds.

The singles “Always Get This Way,” and “Girls Make Me Wanna Die,” are standout gems in this polished collection but that is not all, as each track is pretty much up there as a potential release. Special shoutout to “Stop Feeling” which beautifully highlights the band’s style and talents. It could be straight out of an 80s mannequin’esque kind of movie. It reminds me a little of a cross between Starship and The Bangles. Such a well written track. Like I’ve said above, honestly, each track on this album could easily be a single and it wouldn’t surprise me if they release a large number off of the album.

If you’ve been with The Aces since their 2018 debut album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic, you’ll notice their remarkable growth and the deepening of their signature sound in this new album. It might have only been a 5 year journey so far but the production, song writing and sound on this album reflects how far they’ve come and how far they’re going to go too! If you’re new to them, buckle up because you’re in for an aural treat.

I’ll be honest, I only recently joined the party after hearing their collab/remix of our other fave band of the moment The Beaches. I’ve had this album on repeat since and on each listen, I’m hearing more and more each time. LOVE IT!

In I‘ve Loved You For So Long, you’ll find the heart, humor, and authenticity that The Aces bring to the table. I’m not a betting man but if I was, I’d push all of my chips onto The Aces and go all in.

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Now, enough reading…hit play below!

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