The Blossoming of Belle Phoenix

First impressions are a mixture of dream pop, shoegazing, permeated with a vibe of  a spaghetti western. Add sensual lyrics and a siren’s voice – and you get Belle Phoenix.

An album to watch for this year will be Belle Phoenix’s yet to be released album called Like Driving Drunk Through A Blizzard, which she is recording with Melbourne band The Subterranean Sea. She is also going to record a more breezy pop album called Gone to Italy. The excitement we are feeling for these albums is based on the strength of her recent single ‘Blossom of Love’ and the glorious EP Bittersweet.

The sensuality and unforced sexiness of ‘Blossom of Love’ makes you feel woozy. The song has a sense of drama and old fashioned passion as exemplified by the lyrics, “Your kisses run like honey/Down the side of my neck/Hand placed gently on the mid of my back”. The sensuality of the lyrics are further complimented by Oskar Bickford’s beautiful guitar playing. A song that gets into your head and sucks you in.

The Bittersweet EP Is abundant with strong songs with evocative lyrics particularly ‘Maker of the Man’ and ‘Underground’ – songs delivered with a sense of yearning and a distinct 80’s sensibility. Making her all the more interesting.

Watch out for Belle Phoenix and her albums. Definitely a real talent to watch.

Blossom of Love is out now.



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