The Creepy Crawlies – Denial Is A Free EP

If you want a slow burning track that kills it, I’d dive into ‘Get Buried!’ by The Creepy Crawlies which features on their Denial is a Free EP.  There’s definitely some Arcade Fire, Pixies and Yuck type sounds going on in the guitar tones of this track.  Think of a more subdued version ‘Wave of Mutiliation (UK Surf mix)’ and you’re about on the right track.

On the other side of the coin, the EP also features the great upbeat track ‘Not Thinking’ which is a fab melody driven almost folky/country track which brings out the style of some of the sounds of early Lemonheads.

The Creepy Crawlies are Chris & Kate class themselves as a ‘garage-pop’ band and their EP featuring these two songs is from their forthcoming full length album, Get Buried!

Give The Creepy Crawlies a listen and watch out for their full length ‘Get Buried!’ when it’s out.  I think we might just be hearing a bit more from this duo and their great melodies going forward.

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