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Parisian duo, The Penelopes announce their 3rd single ‘Summer Life’ which is taken from their debut album ‘Never Live Another Yesterday’ out on 23rd July.  Not only is the single a hot track, the remixes by Gigamesh and Style of Eye are mighty!!!

Summer Life follows the releases of ‘Now Now Now’ and Sally In The Galaxy. Summer Life is drenched in sun-kissed melodies, loaded with an undeniable French charm. Perhaps best illustrated in the track’s sweeping chorus, the lyric ‘I love the summer’ captures their charismatic, hushed vocals. Combined with sparkling arpeggios and blanket pad synths, The Penelopes effortlessly create multi-layered, summertime pop music at its finest.

Hailing from Paris, The Penelopes are dynamic duo Axel Basquiat and Vincent T. Now living in London’s trendy east, the pair are in the city that live and breathes ‘Gloomy Indie’, a genre the pair fell in love with when living in the industrial suburbs of north Paris. Influenced by British bands such as The Cocteau Twins and New Order you would expect their own music to follow in the same footsteps, but happily, the band contradict their influences by creating this multi-layered, sparkly indie-pop.

Despite being hailed as 2007’s Best Discovery at the French Qwartz Electronic Music Awards the band felt that they didn’t really belong in the electronic music scene. “We felt more like a rock band using electronic tools” says Axel. So they up and decided to relocate to London, where all their new tracks were born with the help of desk-man du jour Dan Grech-Marguerat. (The Vaccines, Scissor Sisters)

Along The Penelopes’ journey, fashion designer Agnés B caught wind of these duo’s triumphs and has since become their mentor, designer and friend, taking them across the world to play at fashion shows and introducing them to all the right people.

Regardless of how you take it, The Penelopes will brighten up your day.  Check it all out  below:

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