The Ting Tings – Wrong Club (Club Mix by The Super Criticals)


If you thought that The Ting Tings had fallen off the face of the earth, this Club Mix by The Super Criticals is a statement and a half that the band are back to give you what you want in droves.

Now.  After digging around, we can find zip about The Super Criticals, so that would highly suggest that The Super Criticals is indeed an alter ego of The Ting Tings and they have in fact mixed their own track.  If that is true, from the amount of clicks that this mix has received so far, it would suggest that there is a hunger for more clubbed up mixes like this from them and they should get more tracks out there like this pronto.  It may also be a hint or a dig at the critics for their last album that wasn’t as highly successful as their debut.

The bass line and funk on this one is very Get Lucky and we’re not complaining. Click on the website link HERE and scroll your mouse down for a continuous loop of this fantastic bass line.

More of this please The Ting Tings!!!




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