Stop!!! TWINSY time!!!  Yes indeed, this hot new band from Melbourne might sound like a stranger to us all but in fact you might be more familiar with the band members than you think.  TWINSY features Guy Chappell (Yacht Club DJs), Michael Belsar (Hunting Ground) and Ajax (Under Your Sink / Bang Gang).

As we type this, we are only 2 minutes into listening to their first track ‘Back of My Car’ from their EP and it has to be said, their sound is pretty special.  If listening to a band for the first time was like wine tasting, you’d be definitely be getting something like the audio flavours of Gorillaz, Vampire Weekend and Foster The People swooshing around your wine glass.  I’d buy that!!!

Track two on the EP ‘Keeping It Together’ could be classed as a more dreamier affair of a track.  Almost an Arctic Monkeys’esque ballad which also reminds us a little of an upbeat ‘Where’s My Mind’ by The Pixies.  Again, it’s all ear bliss!!!

Track three ‘Take Me Home’ and track four ‘Water Bombs’ are just sensational tracks. Bring on the steel drums and the calypso party time we say.  These tracks will be serious party time when they’re played live.

All in all folks, there’s a new band in town on the Australian artist horizon and they’re called TWINSY.  We’re looking forward to all these guys have to offer going into 2012 and beyond.  We could have an Australian Friendly Fires on our hands if all of the tracks are as hot as these.  Sizzle!!!

We absolutely love this EP and we reckon you will too.  They’re also pretty handy with a remix, which is not surprising when you think that there’s quite a few DJ hours amongst the band.  You’ll find all things TWINSY at their Facebook page here and check out there label Sweat It Out here.

Check out the TWINSY EP, their Childish Gambino remix and their individual tracks below:


[soundcloud url=”″ height=”200″ iframe=”true” /]



Twinsy – Back Of My Car by TWINSY


Twinsy – Keeping It Together by TWINSY


Twinsy – Take Me Home by TWINSY


Twinsy – Water Bombs by TWINSY


[soundcloud url=”″ height=”200″ iframe=”true” /]

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