Van She – Idea Of Happiness

Yes indeed!!!  The Van She boys are back with their brand new track ‘Idea of Happiness’ and you know what….this is definitely our idea of happiness as we’ve been waiting for a new Van She track for a little while now and this one doesn’t disappoint.

This is the first track and title track from Van She’s forthcoming album, out on Modular in July – 6th in Australia, 9th in EU/UK and 10th in USA.

We can’t wait to not only hear all the Van She goodness coming our way this year but it’s been a long time between drinks for us catching these guys live too and boy do they play it live BIG style!!!

Now….where’s that repeat button as this track is SO good!!!!  Check out the tune below and one of their classics from their last album ‘Kelly’ below too!!  Their first album was quality and we’re very sure that this new one is going to be just as good based on this track!!!

Check out all things Van She here…..check out the preview too.  For some reason, I can’t stop putting the beats on loop to this!!!  Maybe that is my idea of happiness??

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[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

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