Vaudeville Smash – I Got That Feeling

We’ve been receiving a lot of great feedback on Vaudeville Smash and their recent cover of Frank Ocean’s track ‘Lost’.  In fact, as we type this the VS boys are actually out clicking the Frank Ocean original version on our site. Bravo!!

In preparation for their up and coming final gig of 2012 at The Workers Club in Melbourne, Vaudeville Smash have dropped the double A-side of  ‘I Got That Feeling’ with the cover track ‘Lost’. It’s an audio double hitter and a half.

Their new track ‘I Got That Feeling’ is another fine tune fresh from their up and coming album due out in 2013.  With tracks like this and ‘Best Night’ featured, then we’re all excited for what is to come next year.  We can definitely tell you that there are some even bigger smash tracks to come!!!

Vaudeville Smash just had their track ‘Best Night’ feature in the A&F Hollister Co. Black Friday hot lifeguard SMS campaign and it is currently playing storewide as part of their Christmas playlist for 2012.

Check out the hot new track ‘I Got That Feeling’ and wait for that chorus half way through…there could definitely be some Take That Jesus poses happening of the ‘Never Forget’ variety on the dance floor with this one.

Keep your eyes on YMR for all things Vaudeville Smash and watch out for these boys in 2013 with SXSW and the Canadian Music Festival on their agenda already.

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