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One of our favourite listens in 2013 is the track ‘Sailor Moon’ from the Vaudeville Smash album Dancing For The Girl.  It would appear that Carlton Dry think so too as it has been picked up for their new #HELLOBEER tv ad.

It might be just a small snippet on the ad but it is one awesome guitar hook on the full length track.  These boys were cranking out this kind of addictiveness before Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories came along.  Wait until you hear the chorale ‘Russian’ chest fisting bits in the track.  Awesome.  It also reminds me a little of the theme tune to Wonder Woman (but without the satin tights, fighting for your rights bit).

Check out the track below and hit up their full album here on Bandcamp.






Whilst we are at it, here’s a disco house remix of their most recent single ‘Devil Said’ which has been given an uplifting airing from Starshine.


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