Yeo – Quiet Achiever

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Yeo’s new track ‘Quiet Achiever’ is lifted from his forthcoming debut album and if this taste is anything to go by, I’m setting the table, tucking the napkin under my collar and holding knife and fork ready to dine on what is going to be served.

The appetisers of ‘Girl’ followed by ‘Kobe’, ‘Always Open’ and ‘Secret Powers’ have created the sense that this album is going to be a smorgasbord of delights.

Lick those lips on this.

A satirical piece, dressing up songwriting so it can go into the nightclubs of popular culture while remaining undercover. Sometimes it feels like no one cares about songs anymore, just big drops, heavy bass and heavy drugs. Sure it’s fun, but there’s no meaning. In a way, the next record is simultaneously a mission and a protest.





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