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Australia’s Vaudeville Smash have today announced some golden news and that they have signed with the Japanese label P-Vine Records in Tokyo, Japan.Through P-Vine, the band will be releasing a compilation album called Disco To The World which is comprised of previous stellar releases heard in Australia, together with two brand new tracks, ‘Richter Scale’ and ‘Dangerous’.

Vaudeville Smash will again be returning to play the Sapporo City Jazz Festival on 23rd July for a 3rd consecutive year and will be launching their new compilation album on 27th July at Star Pines in Tokyo.

Not only that, Tokyo Inter FM will be premiering their new single ‘Richter Scale’ later this month (next week) prior to its release in Australia in the coming weeks ahead.  The band will also be filming the video to the single whilst in Japan with Melbourne director Chris Mitchell before getting ready to unleash it on Australian media.  From what we’ve seen of the storyboard for the video clip, it’s looking all Blade Runner and hot futuristic vintage gold.

Vaudeville Smash

Vaudeville Smash are recording their follow up album to Dancing For The Girl and ‘Richter Scale’ will be their first official single released since their viral video to ‘Zinedine Zidane’ in 2014 which continues to amass plays worldwide and is now just short of 2.5 million hits on YouTube.

As soon ‘Richter Scale’ is available for a stream, you’ll be hearing it.  We have already and we can safely say that this is funk heaven.  Think Chromeo meets Cameo!

Whilst you’re waiting for the new stuff, check out their previous album below:

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