YMR Premiere: Glass Lux – Esther

Glass Lux Esther

The ever excellent band Glass Lux have once again blessed YMR with a premiere of a sizzling new track and this time it is ‘Esther’ that you should be bowing down to and worshipping.

If you are a fan of The Knife, this one is going to be for you.  There’s also some subtle eighties keyboards going on here, circa. Depeche Mode and Blancmange that is very fine on the ears.

We don’t agree to preview and premiere any old tosh.  The more I’m listening to this (back to back of course) the more I am loving this and it might just be one of the best tracks from Chicago’s Glass Lux that have graced our digital pages.

If you know what medicine is good for you, you’ll take a big fat spoonful and earful of ‘Esther’ and dose up on the good stuff.




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