Zowie – Smash It (Pikachunes Remix)

If you knew this song in it’s original format and thought it was good, then the Pikachunes remix has something in store for you.  ‘Smash It’ by Zowie is a great track but the Pikachunes Remix that we’ve got our fingers on definitely does smash it….pun intended!!!

Check out the original version below in tune and video form and get your ears into the Pikachunes remix too.  The mix has taken Zowie into Goldfrapp’esque territory!!!

Jazz student turned laptop producer and darling of the New Zealand indie scene Pikachunes has reworked the new single ‘Smash It’ from fierce Kiwi electro-pop sensation Zowie, drenching her futuristic stomp-pop joint in swirling analog synths and chill wave vibes with dreamy results.

Look out for more fab tunes from New Zealand’s Zowie and Pikachunes coming soon!!!  Great work Pikachunes!!!


Smash It by zowiemusic


Smash It (Pikachunes Remix) by zowiemusic


All things Zowie and Pikachunes below:

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