Adele vs. Robin S – Show Me In The Deep (DJs From Mars Classic Club Bootleg)

I think we must be on remix vibe mode this week as everything that we’re digging up and unearthing is either a quality mashup, a reworking, a remix or all of the above.  Take this great remix by DJs From Mars of Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’ mashed up club style with the Robin S track ‘Show Me Love’.

I always loved the keyboard composition of ‘Show Me Love’ but with the anthemic vocals of Adele and the extra club thumping house on the horizon, your ears are in for a certain treat.

This ticks all of the boxes that makes not only an amazing mash up but in it’s own right this is definitely one for the anthem hall of fame that you’d play in the clubs for a long time.

All hail the masters of the club mash up, DJs From Mars!!

Check out their mix below.

Adele vs. Robin S // Show Me In The Deep by Reggi Carvalho

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