Baron Von Luxxury (Featuring Little Boots???) – That Disco Beat

Here’s a tasty treat for the weekend. This track features on Baron Von Luxxury’s new album ‘The Last Seduction’ and is discotastic.

We were tipped off that this track was recorded for Little Boots first album ‘Hands’ but ended up being shelved when her A+R decided to steer her in more mainstream direction.  However, Little Boots dropped us a line to confirm that she definitely didn’t feature in this track and it’s not her. So it looks like someone out there might be telling porkies to us!!!!

Either way, we love all things Baron Von Luxxury.  If you go back a couple of years though, you can listen to his remix that definitely did feature Little Boots in fine form on her track ‘Meddle’.  We’ve provided a link below so that you can listen and download it.

Check out these huge tracks below and check out all thing Baron Von Luxxury here and Little Boots here.

**  Update, we have since heard from a source that this IS in fact Little Boots and her current label are allegedly making her ‘disown’ the track and that new fresh vocals are soon to be recorded on this. Controversial stuff on YMR **



“That Disco Beat” – Baron von Luxxury by Luxxury


Little Boots “Meddle (Baron von Luxxury Technicolor Remix)” by Luxxury

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