Blonde – All Cried Out Feat. Alex Newell (TKDJS Remix)

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Blonde’s ‘All Cried Out’ is fireball of a track.  This remix from TKDJS is up there with one of the best mixes, reworks and all things tinkered with as far as it goes on the ‘All Cried Out’ stakes.

So we’re pretty sure that we are the first DJs ever to write a Soundcloud track description in the yoga room of the San Francisco airport. Missed flights on the way back from playing a show led us to spending 4 hours in the middle of the night at SFO, and the yoga room seemed the most appropriate place to get zen on this thing…

ANYWAY, we’re pumped to finally put this one out. Amazing vocals in the original song by the UK-based Blonde gave us inspiration to get mean with some ravey pianos and a deep bassline that will make sure your sub is putting in work. Give this one a spin for when your all cried out and feel the need to get loose.





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