Joel Fletcher x Orkestrated x Sooshi Mango – Tarantella

Here comes a tune that’ll have you spinning faster than a Tasmanian Devil on a caffeine kick. “Tarantella” by Joel Fletcher, Orkestrated, and Sooshi Mango is the latest track to hit our YMR FM airwaves, released on May 19, 2023 via Spinnin Records. Damn! It’s bloody catchy I tell ya’.

What do you get when you cross an acclaimed DJ, a hard-hitting electronic duo, and an Australian comedy troupe known for their uproarious ethnic and cultural humor? The answer, my friends, is “Tarantella” – a track that will pump you full of its infectious energy and leave you dizzy with delight.

If you’re not familiar with Sooshi Mango, it’s time you caught up. Founded in 2015, this comedy troupe has been stealing laughs and hearts with their skits and shows, featuring their unique take on the Italian and Greek ethnic and cultural diaspora in Australian society. Now, they’ve stepped into the music arena, and if “Tarantella” is anything to go by, they’ve brought their distinctive flavor with them.

The track itself is a whirlwind, a true tarantella. It’s frenetic, energetic and downright mesmerizing – just like the traditional Italian folk dance it’s named after. But “Tarantella” is more than a dance song; it’s a fusion of cultures, a testament to Australia’s melting pot and a celebration of the diversity that shapes us. This has all the makings of a viral hit that gets under your skin. If you remember the track “Zinedine Zidane” by Australia’s Vaudeville Smash, which is still chalking up milions of hits nearly a decade later, we’re talking the same kind of global virality here.

Teaming up with Joel Fletcher and Orkestrated, Sooshi Mango has managed to create a song that’s both uplifting and head-shaking while paying homage to their heritage. Whether it’s on the dance floor, in your living room or in your car, “Tarantella” will get you pumping.

What exactly does Tarantella mean? I’m so glad you asked as I’ve looked it up online and I’m going to go with what I have found! The word “tarantella” originates from the southern Italian city of Taranto, and originally referred to a group of traditional folk dances characterized by fast, fast tempos, usually in 6/8 time, accompanied by tambourines. The name also refers to the music that accompanies the dance.

This dance has a long history and is associated with ancient beliefs dating back to the 15th and 17th centuries. It is believed that the bite of a tarantula (found in the Taranto region) causes a disease called tarantula poisoning. Affected persons bitten by the venom are said to enter a trance state, and the only cure is to dance the “tarantella” to expel the venom. This results in a frantic, collaborative dance with fast, powerful movements and very high energy levels.

Over time, “tarantella” has become a symbol of Italian culture and heritage, especially in the southern regions of the country. It is often performed at Italian weddings and other social gatherings. Today, the term is used to describe various folk dances of the Italian region. Now, that’s what I’ve research but don’t hate me in the comments if I’ve missed anything that should back up this tale of tarantella.

So, if you’re in the mood for a track that blends beats with belly laughs, give “Tarantella” a whirl. After all, who said you can’t dance and laugh at the same time? Go listen to dem cheeky cheeky boyz and this sensational banger!!!

Sooshi Mango – WEB

Joel Fletcher – Soundcloud / Instagram

Orkestrated – Soundcloud / Facebook

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